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Game of Thrones: A summary

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

I’ve always had this idea that in fight films, the dominating image is the clenched fist. I’m not a violent person—I wouldn’t even know how to fight—but the idea of a clenched fist is a very aggressive symbol, and a symbol of male violence. At the same time, it’s an extension of male sexuality—a phallic symbol. So the gesture is a combination of sex and violence. When you open your palm, there’s submission, and I felt like there was a movie going from a closed palm to an open palm. Of course, other elements had to be added in to underscore that concept, and it also became a mother-son movie. - Nicolas Winding Refn

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When the Sex Pistols play, it may not sound well, but you’ll remember it. That was like the whole point of making films: You’re meant to react to it.
Nicolas Winding Refn
Happy Easter fuckers

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